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How to pick the right length of extensions!

It can get a little tricky when deciding which length of extensions is right for your height & body figure but we have the best sultion for you to help determine your ideal length!


- measuring tape

- mirror


1) Stand in front of the mirror with the measuring tape

2) Now, take that measuring tape at either 20", 22" or 24" inches

3) Hold the tape at about your ear level (as this is were you will likely clip in your extensions) and let the tape drop.

4) Where the tape falls is about where the hair extensions will fall when straight (for curled look, minus 2 inches from straight look).

For instance, in the top right photo below our beautiful team member, Mallory, is holding the tape at 20 inches and for her height and figure that is exactly where her 20" extensions fall!

Fabulous right?! xoxo


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