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What is a Backorder?

When a product is out of stock we place it on 'backorder' - which allows you to purchase the item so that once it is restocked you are first in line to get it!

Backorder / Restock Estimations:

Hair 3 Type Of Hair Restock Date
1C-22-55-GW Weft - Genius early April
60C-22-55-GW Weft - Genius mid april
5B-22-55-GW Weft - Genius early April
H-2/60B-22-55-GW Weft - Genius early April
1A-22-100-W Weft - Traditional early April
2B-16-100g-W Weft - Traditional early April
R-1C/60B-18-100-W Weft - Traditional early April
R-2/19C-20-100-W Weft - Traditional early April
1-20-50-T Tape In early April
19C-22-100-W Weft - Traditional early April
60C-16-50-T Tape In early April
1B-18-100-W Weft - Traditional early April
2B-20-100g-W Weft - Traditional early April
B-1A/15C-20-100-W Weft - Traditional early April
60B-22-50-T Tape In early April
1-16-50-T Tape In early April
60C-24-50-T Tape In early April
1-24-50-T Tape In early April
R-1C/60B-22-50-T Tape In early April
60C-16-100-W Weft - Traditional early April
1-24-100-W Weft - Traditional early April
19C-22-55-GW Weft - Genius early April
1002-22-55-GW Weft - Genius TBD
23-22-55-GW Weft - Genius TBD
60B-22-55-GW Weft - Genius TBD
R-1C/60B-22-55-GW Weft - Genius mid April
2-18-50-HTW Weft - Hand Tied mid April
4-hand-tied-weft-60g Weft - Hand Tied mid April
1C-Hand-Tied-Weft-60g Weft - Hand Tied mid April
4-18-50-HTW Weft - Hand Tied mid April
1-20-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
15C-18-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
15C-22-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
1A-24-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
1B-16-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
1B-20-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
1C-24-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
2/60B-18-100-W Weft - Traditional TBD
2/60B-20-100-W Weft - Traditional TBD
2/60B-22-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
2B-18-100g-W Weft - Traditional mid April
2B-24-100g-W Weft - Traditional mid April
5B-16-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
5B-22-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
R-1C/60B-22-100-W Weft - Traditional mid April
R-2/19C-22-100-W Weft - Traditional TBD
2B-22-100g-W Weft - Traditional Mid April
60B-22-100-W Weft - Traditional TBD
60B-24-100-W Weft - Traditional TBD
60C-22-100-W Weft - Traditional TBD
1B-24-100-W Weft - Traditional Mid April
1C-22-100-W Weft - Traditional Mid April
1001C-24-100-W Weft - Traditional TBD
1-22-100-W Weft - Traditional TBD
1002-18-50-T Tape In TBD
1B-16-50-T Tape In Mid April
1B-18-50-T Tape In Mid April
1C-16-50-T Tape In Mid April
1C-22-50-T Tape In Mid April
3-20-50-T Tape In Mid April
3-22-50-T Tape In Mid April
60B-24-50-T Tape In TBD
O-1C/60C-20-50-T Tape In TBD
R-10C/60B-20-50-T Tape In TBD
1002-20-50-T Tape In TBD
1C-18-50-T Tape In Mid April
60C-18-50T Tape In TBD
1-22-50-T Tape In Mid April
1C-20-50-T Tape In Mid April

All other hair extensions April


25mm Rose Gold Wand end of April

*Some items listed may only receive a partial restock, in which those items will be fulfilled on a first come, first serve basis. The date(s) provided are only estimations and are subject to change; due to multiple factors that are out of Bombay Hair control. Should you prefer to alter your order, or have additional questions; please email us at we're here to help!
We recommend checking this page for the most recent restock updates.