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5-in-1 Curling Wand In Depth Blog Post

Bombay Hair's 5-in-1 Curling Wand

I have been getting so many comments about my hair lately that when Bombay Hair reached out to collaborate, I knew I had to say yes. I recruited my favorite super talented hair magician, Mariah Joy, of The Hairstyling Mom, who has been responsible for my cuts, color, and styles for the last several months, to showcase the different looks that can be achieved with Bombay Hair's 5-in-1 Curling Wand, and we had way too much fun playing around with these wands!
If you're anything like me (aka: a hair newbie), the multiple wand bundles can seem a little intimidating, but I promise they're not! This quick infographic and tutorial will give you a visual difference between the 5 wands included in the Bombay Hair 5-in-1 Curling Wand: the 32mm vs 25mm vs 13-25mm (reverse) vs 19mm vs Pearl / Bubble wand. I had no idea just how many different looks could be achieved between the interchangeable clip-free barrels, and I love having one tool that can do such a multitude of different curls and waves! Make sure to head over to Bombay Hair's website and use code "SHYNNZ" to save 50% off all hair tools!

With Bombay Hair's 5-in-1 Curling Wand you can quickly create smooth and shiny curls that will last all day (or multiple days if you're like me - I'm on day 3 of the reverse curling iron curls as I type this post up and they still look awesome!), without having to worry about creases in your hair! 

Here's what my hair looked like to start with for all these looks. 

I straightened it to keep it consistent for all five barrels:

What do the curls from the 32mm curling iron wand look like?

The 32mm curling iron attachment doesn't really create curls, but rather big, bouncy romantic waves. Mariah separated my hair into sections, curled sections that were about an inch in opposite directions, and then let my hair cool. Once my hair had cooled down, she ran her fingers through the big curls to loosen them up, gathered the top front section into a mini pony, teased my roots, and voila! A super vintage pin-up style that looks straight from the Victoria's Secret catalogue!

What do the curls from the 25mm curling iron wand look like?

Bombay's 25mm curling wand barrel attachment creates full curls that look like they're straight from the runway (or beach!), and gave my medium to long hair a ton of volume. After curling my hair, Mariah used a wide tooth comb to loosen my pretty curls into beachy waves and give me some extra texture. She then gathered up a section in the front right side of my hair and did a twist braid, pinned it into place, and tugged at sections to create more volume. This is how my hair was styled for my 36 week bump photo on Instagram where many of you complimented how pretty and healthy it looked!

What do the curls from the 13-25mm Reverse curling iron wand look like?

Confession, I had never used a reverse curling iron wand before, because I had no idea how, but this might be my favorite wand of the set! Mariah created the most gorgeous mermaid-style curls and I love how bouncy and fresh they look. She held the wand upside down and started from the 13mm side, winding my hair down to the 25mm. The result was curls that were tighter on top and looser on bottom, and I'm totally obsessed. This is probably going to become my new favorite wand to use, as I'm now rocking the 3 day later hair, and my locks look perfectly Olson twins-like. You know what I'm talking about, that effortless, bedhead wavy hair style!

What do the curls from the 19mm curling iron wand look like?

The 19mm wand barrel makes super tight curls and ringlets, and added a ton of volume and texture to my medium (around) shoulder length hair. My husband loves when my hair is a little more on the 'crazy' side, so Mariah really played up a vintage inspired curly hair style. She started by wrapping my hair around the barrel in opposite directions to get a messy curly look, and once she was done curling all of my hair, she took a wide tooth comb and brushed it out, sprayed in some of her favorite hair spray, and ran her fingers through my hair to help add a little more volume and texture to the finished style.

What do the curls from the Pearl / Bubble curling iron wand look like?

This pearl / bubble wand from Bombay was easily the most intimidating when I took it out of the box, and we left it until last because of that. Once you get past the very strange looking attachment, the pearl wand is pretty amazing. Remember Taylor Swift hair when she first came on the music scene, circa 2006 - 2009? The pearl wand creates a super natural-looking curl just like the pop princesses. Whether you have stick straight or a natural wave to your hair, this wand is awesome for blending curls and would look amazing with multicolored hair (I love how it looks with the somewhat ombre that Mariah created on me)!
After curling and letting my hair cool, Mariah ran her fingers through my hair to loosen the curls and create a little more volume, then gathered the front left section and made a small dutch braid. She then went back and tugged at sections in the braid to create a fuller look, and finished with hairspray.

A little info on Bombay's 5-in-1 Curing Wand: 

Each of the five interchangeable barrels (32mm, 25mm, 13-25mm (reverse), 19mm, Pearl/Bubble) are tourmaline infused with ceramic and emit infrared negative ions, which means frizz free curls and styles. All the barrels also feature a 'cool tip' so there are no worries of burned fingers, but there's also a heat resistant glove included in case you want to be extra careful. 
The wand is super easy to turn on, with a power button that is 'strategically placed' so you can avoid mid-style turn off. Within seconds of plugging it in and turning it on, the wand was ready to use - so quickly, actually, that even Mariah commented on how awesomely fast it was! The LED screen turns green when it has reached your required temperature (250F-450°F), so you know it's ready to go, and has an automatic shut off timer, so it safely turns off after 30 minutes. 

Everything included:
  • 5 barrels
  • 1 handle with North America plug (USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • 1 heat resistant curling wand stand
  • 1 heat resistant glove
  • 2 hair claw clips

I am totally in love with this 5-in-1 wand, and don't care who knows it! The tourmaline barrels leave me with soft, smooth curls and waves (unless I want to texturize them with a comb or my hands), and it heats up so quickly and leaves me with such long lasting results. Make sure to head over to Bombay Hair's website and use code "SHYNNZ" to save 50% off all hair tools! A big thank you to Bombay Hair for sponsoring today's post - you have gained two new fans, and hopefully a few more after this post!

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