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Satin Pillowcases

Accessories Satin Pillowcase
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Satin Pillowcases

Spoil your hair and skin with our elegant collection of satin pillowcases. With softness and comfort woven into every thread, you’ll sleep better than ever before. Discover the health benefits of sleeping on satin.

What Are Satin Pillowcases?

Made from a smooth, glossy fabric or blend of fabrics, satin pillowcases are the perfect addition to your bed. More available than silk, satin can be woven from various materials, including silk, polyester, acetate, nylon, or a blend of these.

The characteristic feature of satin is a weave that creates a smooth and shiny surface on one side, while having a matte finish on the other.

Quality Care For an Inexpensive Price

Acquire a hypoallergenic pillowcase that’s gentle on your skin and hair for a lower price. Other brands only offer overpriced cotton and other subpar pillow fabrics. Not us!

Our satin pillowcases have a soft feel akin to silk, while still maintaining durability. This weave minimizes friction, so you can wake up to frizz and tangle-free hair. Reduce the risk of split ends and promote healthier, shinier locks.

Plus, your skin will thank you too, as the smooth surface helps you avoid wrinkles and irritation. See the huge difference in your hair and skin today at an affordable price tag.

Why Choose Our Satin Pillowcases?

Skin and Hair Benefits

Unlike cotton pillowcases, our incredibly soft cases reduce friction. The smooth fabric is gentle on your skin, ensuring you don’t wake up with wrinkles and irritation. It also promotes healthier and shinier hair by minimizing tangles and split ends.

Unparalleled Softness

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pillowcases promise exquisite softness. Cradle yourself in a comfortable cocoon each night while you drift into a restful sleep.

Hypoallergenic and Moisture-Wicking

Our pillowcases are ideal for hot sleepers, with built-in moisture wicking properties. You can keep yourself cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Easy Washing

Enjoy luxury pillowcases without the hassle. Our satin cases are machine washable on a delicate cycle, making them easy to care for. Just be sure to use a mild detergent, and consider placing them in a mesh laundry bag to maintain their softness.


Available in king and queen size, our pillowcases cater to the dimensions of your bed. Plus, you can choose from four opulent colors.

Satin Pillowcases Are Good For All Hair Types

Silk pillowcases are beneficial for all hair types. Yes, even yours! Here's how these high-quality cases can benefit your hair:

Straight Hair: By preventing friction, these pillowcases reduce the likelihood of straight hair becoming tangled or knotted while you sleep.

Curly Hair: The smooth surface of these fabrics minimizes friction, reducing frizz and preserving the natural curl pattern. This helps prevent tangling in even the most tangle-prone curly hair.

Wavy Hair: Wavy hair can experience less disruption and frizz when resting on one of our cases. The gentle surface helps maintain your natural wave pattern.

Coily Hair: Friction reduction also benefits coily and kinky hair types. The materials prevent breakage and maintain the integrity of coiled hair strands.

Chemically Treated Hair: Whether your hair is colored, permed, or treated with chemicals, these pillowcases provide a gentle surface that helps preserve the treated strands, minimizing damage and preserving color.

Dry or Damaged Hair: These fabrics are less absorbent than others, helping your hair retain moisture. This is beneficial for those with dry or damaged hair, as it helps prevent further dehydration.

Satin pillowcases are suited for people with diverse hair types. Many people find that the reduced friction and gentle surface contribute to healthier, smoother, and more manageable hair.

Buy Guide For Satin Pillowcases

If you’re deciding between a silk or satin pillowcase, here are some signs that satin is the right choice for you:

  • You want durability: Polyester is wrinkle and stain-resistant, making it a good choice for someone with pets or children. Plus, the fabric can maintain its shape after long-term washes and years of use.
  • Easy washing: If you’re worried about the hassle of hand-washing or looking for specific detergents, satin is the most convenient choice. Unlike silk, satin requires less TLC when machine washing.
  • You’re on a budget: If you’re on a budget and want the best quality for less, we recommend a satin pillowcase. Satin is more affordable than silk, with many of the same properties.

Satin Pillowcase FAQ

What is satin made of?

Our satin pillowcases are made from 100% polyester fabric. This material is designed to mimic the divine and luxurious texture of our Mulberry Silk at an affordable price.

How do I care for my silk or satin pillowcase?

Our pillowcases are designed for easy washing. All options are machine washable on a delicate cycle, but you can still choose to hand wash. We recommend doing your wash in cold water (86 F/ 30 C or lower) with a mild detergent. If machine washing, consider inserting your case into a laundry bag.

How often should I wash my satin pillowcase?

To avoid stains and maintain cleanliness, we recommend washing your satin pillowcase once or twice per week. Regular cleaning helps maintain the hygiene and freshness of your case, ensuring it stays free from accumulated oils, skin cells, and bacteria.

However, keep in mind that individual factors such as skin type and hair products may influence how often you choose to wash your satin pillowcase. You can always clean it more often if necessary.

Are satin pillows hypoallergenic?

Yes, both satin pillows are hypoallergenic. The anti-bacterial fiber in the fabric repels dust mites and other allergens, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

What sizes are available for satin pillowcases?

Our satin pillowcases come in standard queen and king sizes. Ensure you select the size that best fits your bed dimensions.

How long will my satin pillowcase last?

The lifespan of your satin pillowcase will depend largely on the level of maintenance and frequency of use. Here are our tips for extending the lifespan of your case:

  • Wash on a delicate cycle with protection
  • Wash with cold water
  • Use mild detergents and avoid harsh chemicals
  • Regularly wash and rotate your pillowcase
  • Keep your pillowcase away from direct sunlight
  • Ensure your satin pillowcase is thoroughly dried before use
  • Have multiple pillowcases to swap between

When combining these care efforts, you can extend the lifespan of your pillowcase by several years.

How many satin pillowcases should I buy?

The number of satin pillowcases you should buy will depend on personal preferences, your bedding style, desired longevity, and more. Here are some factors to help you decide:

  • Bed Size: The larger the bed, the more pillowcases you might need to fill the space. Ensure you purchase the correct size pillowcase for your bed, and purchase enough to accommodate the empty space.
  • Personal Preference: If you prefer matching pillowcases, buy a set for each pillow on your bed. Some people mix and match colors or designs for a personalized touch.
  • Frequency of Pillowcase Changes: If you change pillowcases frequently, having multiple sets can extend the time between washes. This is especially beneficial for maintaining fabric quality.
  • Bedding Style Rotation: If you regularly rotate bedding styles, having a spare set or two in different colors ensures you always have a clean and fresh pillowcase available to match your bed’s new look.
  • Increased Longevity: By owning multiple pillowcases, you’re less likely to wear them out because it’s easier to wash and interchange them.

Overall, we recommend at least two sets of satin pillowcases for each bed, allowing you to rotate them and maintain a fresh and comfortable sleeping environment.

Which color satin pillowcases are available?

The following colors are available:

  • White satin pillowcase
  • Pink satin pillowcase
  • Dark Grey satin pillowcase
  • Silver satin pillowcase
Can I use a satin pillowcase for travel?

Yes, satin pillowcases are easily portable and can be enjoyed while you travel. Being lightweight and easy to pack you can have a familiar and comfortable sleeping surface in the car, on the plane, or anywhere else you go.

Just be sure to let your satin pillowcase dry thoroughly in the event that it gets rained on, or otherwise exposed to humidity and moisture.

Can I sleep on a satin pillowcase with wet hair?

While satin is less absorbent than some other pillowcase fabrics, you should still avoid sleeping on it with excessively wet hair. As effective as the fabric may be, it can still retain moisture, causing damage over time.

Instead, satin is especially good at reducing friction and hair breakage for dry or damp hair.

Can I use satin pillowcases with other bedding materials?

Yes, satin pillowcases can easily be combined with other bedding materials. Our pillows come in various colors and designs, allowing you to match your pillows to your own personal preferences and bedroom aesthetics.