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Blending + Hair Type

Hair Extension Positioning

Hair Extensions should be positioned and applied differently for almost every person.

Everyone has a different hair thickness, length, style, and head shape - and because of this, you cannot position hair extensions the same way in everyones hair.

VERY FINE / SOFT / OILY HAIR - hair extensions should be positioned on larger sections of hair to help avoid them slipping or pulling out your own hair. Sometimes in fine hair, extensions can slip easier as there is not as much to grip on to.

Extensions should be positioned lower down on the head for people with fine hair, and further away from the hair line at the front, to avoid being able to see the clips. A good trick is to double clip wefts and place them lower (towards the nape of your neck). For example, take a 4 clip weft and clip a 3 clip weft on to it and clip it lower on your head - this will give you the thickness you desire without having to over clip pieces on your scalp.

MEDIUM THICKNESS HAIR, OR FINE HAIR BUT LOTS OF IT - This hair type is the easiest hair type for hair extension application. Hair Extensions can be nicely and evenly spread out throughout the hair in neat rows, as there is usually no risk of being able to see the clips. Most woman have this hair type.

VERY THICK HAIR / SHORT / BLUNT HAIR STYLES - These hair types can often be trickier or more time consuming to apply hair extensions in than the other methods. Very thick hair or short hair often requires more hair extensions than a full head to create a natural appearance, and so that the hair extensions blend in. Otherwise the client can have their hair thinned or layered to for a more even blend. Hair extensions should be positioned higher for someone who's hair is very thick so that the thick hair sitting on top of the extensions is not noticeable. This is not usually a problem as the hair is so thick that the clips are not noticeable even when they are positioned high on the head. Extensions should also be placed quite low to the hairline and spread evenly throughout the head to avoid noticeably shorter hair underneath or through the mid-section. Often an extra row or two are required at the back and sides for thick & short hair.

Extensions will blend naturally if someone with thick hair has the ends thinned / feathered already, however someone with a blunt hair cut, should often have their hair layered - to help achieve a more natural look once extensions are applied.

Hope this helps ladies!!

How to clip-in pictures coming soon!